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20 years later, Actua Soccer 2 and Actua Tennis are coming to Steam

Play to Owen.

There may be a shiny new FIFA out this week, but something with a bit more nostalgia is on the horizon.

1997 football classic Actua Soccer 2 is set to launch for Steam on 10th October, and take you back to the days when Alan Shearer wasn't just stuck in the commentary booth.

After that, Actua Tennis will then follow on to Steam on 12th October. Ace!

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Eurogamer Newscast: How damaging are video game leaks?

Both games offer a range of "modern features" to enhance their original releases, such as the ability to save/load at any point, use "most" modern controllers, remap controls, and apply "image scaling and smoothing options".

Even with all this, the games' retro vibe very much remains.

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Details for Actua Soccer 2 include the boast it includes "motion capture by a young Michael Owen" and "involvement by Alan Shearer", who apparently picked out the game's All-Star team which features Beckham, Bobby More and Pele.

You'll also be able to replay the 97/98 international season, and not worry about buying FUT Coins. Sounds like a win to me.