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Cannon Fodder returns for PSP

Time to party like it's 1993.

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Once again Codemasters is dusting off its back catalogue of fondly-remembered titles, with Cannon Fodder set to make a comeback on PSP.

An update of the 16-bit classic, the game promises all the original elements that endeared it to a nation of gamers back in the olden days, when life was simple and home computers looked like they were made by Fisher Price.

"Fast-paced strategic action with the series’ devilish sense of humour"

is the official line from Codies, as it rolls out and recycles the tagline from 1993: War has never been so much fun.

You'll be able to command a troop of soldiers, either individually or as a group, and jump behind the wheels of various military vehicles to increase the potential for mayhem.

New features are promised - including air strikes, radar sweeps, live coverage from the warzone and new firepower such as sniper rifles and flamethrowers - to prove the team behind Cannon Fodder PSP aren’t just making a tribute to the original

And to top it all off, Codemasters will bless the game with four-player deathmatch and co-op scenarios, courtesy of the PSP's wireless capabilities.

Cannon Fodder is due for release next spring.

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