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12 minute video shows us what it's like to use Xbox One

Quick switching! Skype! More!

Microsoft has released a 12 minute Xbox One video that gives us our best look so far at what it will be like to use the system.

In the video, below, Microsoft's Marc Whitten and Yusuf Mehdi show off the functionality of the console in a live demo situation, highlighting the speed at which you're able to switch between games and the home screen.

We then get a look at how Xbox One uses Kinect for biometric sign-in and Skype calls. For the latter, the Kinect camera will follow you around your room, making sure you're always in the shot.

Elsewhere, we see Xbox One's game DVR function, Upload Studio and OneGuide in action.

As revealed by Digital Foundry, Xbox One reserves 10 per cent of graphics resources for Kinect and apps functionality. The console launches on 22nd November 2013

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