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1080 Snowboarding on PAL VC

Joined by Riot Zone.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

1080 Snowboarding for Nintendo 64! Man, that takes me back. Not to actually playing it, but to Martin who draws the website telling me about it on ICQ in about 1958. Sounded amazing then, and costs 1000 Wii Points today as part of your usual weekly Virtual Console update for Europe.

1080 is a mixture of race and stunt snowboarding complete with multiplayer, set across six huge courses. It was followed up by an enjoyable but largely ignored GameCube sequel, 1080 Avalanche, which is probably actually cheaper by now than the approximately GBP 7.00 / EUR 10.00 you'll pay for the N64 relic. Oh well.

Not stopping there though, Nintendo has turned up with a second game of less immediate repute: the TurboGrafx-16 arcade-style beat-'em-up, says them, Riot Zone. You get to play as vigilantes Tony and Hawk (believe it or not) fighting your way around New York "set to a rousing soundtrack". All that for 800 Wii Points (approx GBP 5.60 / EUR 7.00).

Watch out for Dan Whitehead's verdict in the usual Virtual Console Roundup tomorrow morning.

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