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1-2 Switch is Nintendo's next hardware launch title / mini-game collection

Don't look directly at the screen.

Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo Switch mini-game collection 1-2 Switch.

Looking a bit like this gen's Wii Sports or Nintendoland, 1-2 Switch is a series of small games meant to demonstrate the unique properties of Nintendo's bananas hardware.

Cover image for YouTube video1-2 Switch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

One mini-game revealed in detail has players look into each others' eyes and "draw" their Joy-Con controllers like a gun and shoot the other player.

Based on the trailer, there appears to be mini-games for fencing, spell-casting, guitar playing, volleyball, dancing, cooking, boxing, ballet, answering phones and more.

1-2 Switch will be available for the Nintendo Switch's launch on 3rd March.