echochrome gets PS Eye support

Upload your own face to YouTube.

Sony Japan plans to add PlayStation Eye support to echochrome so players can record and upload their puzzle-solving face to YouTube.

The upcoming patch will also add a cloud-based level-sharing feature, according to the PlayStation Japan website (read by Kotaku, so that we don't have to wait around for Sony to clear and distribute user-made stages.

Finally, echochrome is getting a quiz mode, where players are asked which of three levels they're walking around. The level is invisible, however, so patters will need to be observed to make an educated guess.

Echochrome is the black and white PSN puzzler that looks like an Escher painting, where platform and staircase perspective shifts and changes as levels rotate left and right and up and down. The aim is to guide a walking man around the stage, creating routes that aren't immediately apparent. It's much simpler in action.

The game has added Trophy support and over 1000 user-created levels since release.

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