Romance is "f***ing hard" - Bleszinski

And women like Gears, he says.

Cliff Bleszinski has admitted that tugging on our heart-strings in his new chart-topping game, Gears of War 2, was "f**ing hard to do".

"I wanted to put it in the first one, honestly," Bleszinski told MTV Multiplayer, referring to Dom's search for his missing wife, which plays a significant role in the story.

"It was one of the things [where] we didn't have the confidence in our abilities as storytellers at that time. And we didn't have the time to get it in there.

"It's f***ing hard to do, man. It's really hard to do. I think we did an admirable job of it. Is it a Nicholas Sparks romance? No, it's not. But there's a little bit of heart in there. For some reason, Gears seems to have more of a female following than other shooters.

"It's kind of a good priority to have, I think," he added. "If everything in the game is so badass and nasty, then you just lose perspective. It's like a person who just yells all the time."

We'll be interested to find out what the ladies make of the Riftworm level. Anyway, check out our Gears of War 2 review to find out why we're in love with Bleszinski's latest.

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