No Paper Mario date for Europe

Despite firm US date.

Nintendo has yet to confirm a European release date for Super Paper Mario on the Wii, a spokesperson admitted today, despite the game receiving a firm April date in the USA.

Earlier this week leaks from official US magazine Nintendo Power - since confirmed - suggested that the game would be out over there in just a few months.

The game was originally bound for the GameCube, but its extended development and the contrasting fortunes of the ageing Cube and rejuvenating Wii have since changed its focus.

A follow-up to N64 and Cube titles in the same series, and in some respects a sister series to the phenomenal Mario & Luigi handheld titles made by Alphadream, Super Paper Mario is keenly awaited by Nintendo and RPG fans alike.

So, er, we'd be a lot happier if there was positive news to relate. As soon as there is, we'll let you know.

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