Home has been hacked - report

Could be used to spread viruses.

The Telegraph is reporting that Sony's PS3 virtual world, Home, has already been hacked.

"Developers" have apparently found a "security loophole" that allows them to upload any file to, or even delete files from, the Home server. This makes it theoretically possible for hackers to spread viruses through the social software, or try to force it offline.

Other hacks are said to allow users to download files from the Home servers (such as another player's avatar), change the text and music, or use the in-game screens to watch their own video files. Apparently this is possible using the Apache web server and DNS redirection, which might mean something to some of you.

Home went into open beta, granting access to all PS3 users, last week. You can read our impressions and more at the Home personal space, sorry, gamepage.

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