GDC: New Kojima game at E3, not GDC

Although his speech will be "entertaining".

Hideo Kojima has said that his new game will be announced at E3 and not GDC, despite the fact he's doing a keynote speech later, which we're covering live.

"I'm not going to be talking about new titles or anything," Kojima told 1UP. Speaking to IGN, he went further, saying: "An official game announcement will be made at E3."

The veteran developer has previously said he will not be working on the next Metal Gear game. Then again, he always says that. Where's his sponsor? Get him back in meetings!

So what's Kojima going to talk about instead, now he's ruined everything for those of us staying up to report it live? Well, in a talk entitled "Solid Game Design: Making the 'Impossible' Possible" - his first appearance at GDC - he will focus on "conquering various development obstacles with creative game design, using the driving game design philosophies behind the Metal Gear series as reference", according to organisers.

"Since it's a keynote and since we're in the entertainment business, I try to make my presentations as entertaining as possible," Kojima told 1UP by way of explanation. But can it really top Satoru Iwata's revelation that Shigeru Miyamoto kidnaps people?

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