Battlefield Heroes beta restarts today

Web improvements, currency, new maps.

EA and DICE have announced the reopening of the closed beta for their free-to-play shooter, Battlefield Heroes. Servers will be back online at some point today.

The game shut up shop in November last year to undergo some extensive work on its website, character progression and balance. Now DICE is ready to let players see what it's been up to.

A recent email to beta testers promised: an overhauled website; redesigned systems for virtual currency, in-game rewards and character customisation; improved hit detection and class balance; and some new content too, in the form of costume items and maps.

If you already have a beta key, you should be able to access the game straight away without re-applying. If you don't, you need to sign up for an EA Account and then apply for the beta and hope for the best.

We tried Battlefield Heroes last year and found plenty of work still to be done, but still loved it enough for it to make our coming attractions shortlist for shooters - so we're anxious to see what's changed.

Battlefield Heroes is expected to release for PC before April, according to EA's recent financials.

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