Shadow of the Colossus - first colossus location and how to defeat Valus, the Minotaur

How to find and defeat the first colossus.

The first colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, known as Valus or the Minotaur amongst fans, is relatively simple to take down, acting as a kind of introduction to the game's main mechanics of climbing onto the monsters and finding their weak spots.

Below, we'll go over that first colossus' location, as well as how to defeat Valus the Minotaur and any other tips to bear in mind, too.

Cycle back to our main Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough, guide and tips hub for much more, meanwhile. Otherwise let's dive in just below.

First colossus location and how to find Valus, the Minotaur

After watching Shadow of the Colossus' lovely opening cinematic, you'll find yourself standing in the Shrine of Worship, staring out towards the rocky horizon.


To find colossi, the main thing you need to do is hold up your ancient sword, with R1. The beams of light coming from it will narrow as you point it towards your target, essentially telling you if you're getting warmer or colder as you look around for a direction to head in.


The beams will be more spread out the further away you look from the direction to the next colossus, and and more focus the closer you get to the right direction. One caveat to remember is that the sword will only work like this when exposed to sunlight.

For Valus, the first colossus standing in your way, it's basically straight ahead from the Shrine. Hold up your sword to get a proper idea, then call Agro, your horse with Triangle, hop on with Triangle or X, speed up with Triangle again, and you're away.

The only obstacle in your path to Valus is a small introductory bit of platforming. When you get to the rocky wall straight ahead from the Shrine, you'll see a sort of shaggy, mossy growth to the right.

Jump and hang onto that, holding down R2 to stay holding on, and climb up. Then follow it around to the left, and double back to the right again, climbing up a few rocky ledges as you go, and it's fairly simple from there.

How to defeat the first colossus Valus, the Minotaur

Valus, being the first unlucky colossus you encounter, isn't too much of a challenge.

It'll be roaming around the plateau harmlessly when you find it, and although you need to avoid being trampled it won't actively attack you.


Work your way round behind it, and on its left calf you'll see the same climbable shaggy fur that you were introduced to a moment ago. Jump and climb onto its left leg then, and you'll also see a shining blue sigil on the calf muscle.


Your job is to stab these sigils with your sword, with most colossi requiring you do hit several of these, several times. Raise your sword, hold it for a couple of seconds to charge up the attack, and then press it again to stab - remember to stay holding on with R2 as you do it.

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When you've stabbed the sigil enough times, a short cutscene will trigger and Valus will stumble, giving you the opportunity to climb up the back of its leg, onto a platform on its lower back and, eventually, up its back to its head.


Keep track of your stamina - the yellow circle in the bottom left - as it will deplete as you go. You can use the platforms on its back to regain your strength with a quick breather.


As you get to Valus' head, you'll see the second sigil. This one takes a few more charged stabs, but will do heavy damage as you go. After several hits, Valus will fall, defeated, and you'll have destroyed your first of the 16 idols at the Shrine.

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You wake up back at the Shrine of Worship, after a brief cutscene, and then it's off to colossus number two.


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