Shadow of the Colossus - second colossus location and how to defeat Quadratus, the Mammoth

How to find and defeat the second colossus.

The second colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, known as the Mammoth, or Quadratus amongst fans, acts as another relatively simple introduction to the game's further mechanics.

Below, we'll dive into the details on the second colossus' location, along with how to defeat the Mammoth, Quadratus, and any other tips or things to bear in mind along the way.

Cycle back to our main Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough, guide and tips hub for much more, meanwhile. Otherwise let's dive in just below.

Second colossus location and how to find the Mammoth, Quadratus

The Mammoth, or just the second colossus, officially, isn't far from the central Shrine of Worship. In fact it's located just to the north of it, at the bottom of a large canyon.


Head out the front and then turn a hard right, going round to the back, north and slightly west of the Shrine itself. Soon you'll encounter a large canyon opening up, with a natural bridge across it.


Cross the bridge, and at the end a brief cutscene will trigger. Follow the right-hand fork in the road, which bends down and around to the right, spiralling down to the canyon's lower level.


On the bottom level, head towards the natural bridge you just crossed, and on the right, tucked into a slightly shadowy corner is a large sculpted wall. When you reach it, the next cutscene triggers and bursting out of it will come the Mammoth, known to some as Quadratus.

How to defeat the second colossus Quadratus, the Mammoth

The Mammoth is easy enough to defeat - being the second colossus you encounter it's still something of a tutorial - but there are one or two sticking points to bear in mind.

For one, it can be a little unclear how to strike the first blow. You'll actually need to start off with the bow, rather than your sword.

You may have noticed the Mammoth's vulnerable feet - or rather the soles of its feet - with all four of them glowing to indicate the weak spot on the bottom of them. They're too awkward to reach with a sword - plus there's a real risk of being trampled - but they're easy enough to hit with an arrow.

It only takes one, and the Mammoth will stumble, allowing you a way up onto its back. We found shooting it from behind to be the best option, firstly because it's easier to see the soles of its feet as it walks, and secondly because the rear end is where you'll find the first sigil to stab with your blade.

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When it stumbles, head to the front if its knee and hop onto the fur. Work your way up onto its back, recover your stamina before it starts shaking, and then grip on as you move towards its rear end.


The colossus lifts up its hooves to expose glowing green weak spots underneath each one. Get behind it whilst riding Agro and go for them with your bow. It might be easier to get on foot when you're in a good spot.

You'll see the first sigil there. After a few stabs it's time to head to the next one, which is located on the top of the Mammoth's head, much like the weak spot of the first colossus, Valus.


Work your way along its back, jumping over the bony, architectural ridges as you go and clinging on when it tries to shake you off. Several more stabs, and the beast will fall.

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After you climb down you'll be transported back to the Shrine again, and the second idol will crumble.


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