Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Owa Daim Shrine and Statis Trial solution

How to locate and beat the Great Plateau shrine.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Owa Daim Shrine is one of four Shrines required to complete the The Isolated Plateau quest, alongside the Ja Baij Shrine and Keh Nanut Shrine, and doing so will earn you the Statis rune.

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Owa Daim Shrine location

This Shrine is to the very south of the Plateau. Assuming you just finished the Keh Nanut Shrine - which is located nearest Mount Hylia - you simply after to go east through the snow-covered mountain tops, since it's at a similar height.


Owa Daim Shrine solution

As with the other Shrines, insert the Shiekah Slate into the left pedestal to receive the Statis Rune, which stops the flow of time for an object by storing its kinetic energy, which can be released when time resumes again.

If it sounds confusing, this is how you'll need to put into practice for this Shrine, and how you might need to use it beyond that.

First, use the Rune on the giant cog to the left when the platform it's connected to is horizontal, allowing you to use it as a bridge. As you'll hear, there is a countdown to when it goes back to normal, so hop across fairly quickly to the other side.


Head towards the right where there are boulders coming down the chute. When one boulder has just moved past you, run up the chute and use the Rune on the next boulder just before it crossed the path, allowing you to get by.

While you have to go left to continue, if you time it right and sprint up the chute to the end, you can get a Traveller's Shield from a chest at the end.


Continue left from the chute and leaning against the left wall is an Iron Sledgehammer. Equip this, and use the Statis rune on the boulder blocking your path, then proceed to swing the Iron Sledgehammer at it several times.

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It won't budge, but you'll notice an arrow appearing from above. This means the energy you are feeding into it - to move away from you - is being stored up, and when the rune's effects end, the boulder will launch away from you, clearing the way ahead.

From here, the route is clear to the forcefield throne and the end of the Shrine, where your next Spirit Orb awaits.

From there, if you haven't already, visit the remaining Ja Baij Shrine and Keh Nanut Shrines in order to finish The Isolated Plateau quest and leave the Great Plateau.


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