Gone Home is coming to Wii U

Sam always was a Nintendo fan.

Fullbright's exploratory coming-of-age adventure Gone Home is coming to Wii U, Nintendo accidentally announced.


Gone Home already has Nintendo references, given the popularity of the SNES in 1995.

During Unity conference, Unite 2014, Nintendo of America's Damon Baker hosted a panel about the Wii U's support for the development software wherein he listed a host of Unity games coming to the platform. Gone Home was among these.

"We've got a lot of titles that are also confirmed to be coming out in the near future. Things like The Swapper. Things like Gone Home. So we're really excited about the level of Unity support that we're receiving already on the platform," he said.

Other games Baker namechecked include Ittle Dew, Teslagrad, Cubemen 2, The Fall, Nihilumbra and Paper Monsters Recut.

It was revealed in March that Gone Home would be coming to consoles, but no specific platforms were named. We've followed up with publisher Midnight City on this and will update if we find out more.

If you'd like to watch Nintendo's whole Unite 2014 presentation we've embedded the video below. The bit about Gone Home is at around the 6.50 mark.

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