Dark Souls 2 - Things Betwixt, coffin, boat, combat tutorial, movement tutorial

From creating your character to getting through the opening tutorials nice and quickly, we've got a guide to the first part of Dark Souls 2.

Once the opening cinematic is out of the way, make your way forwards through the undergrowth, carry on up the stairs, then make your way across the bridge and go through the door and into the hut.

As soon as you've passed through it, you'll be treated to another cut-scene which precedes the character creation screen. Once you've moulded your hero into shape, go through the door and make your way towards the cart on your left-hand side. There's an item behind it which you can grab to get your hands on a torch and a Soul of a Lost Undead. Don't leave here without lighting the bonfire. Once it's lit, make your way through the gap on the right-hand side.

Completing the combat and movement tutorials

To your left is some mist. Head through it and you'll be taken through a quick introduction to the finer arts of enemy dismemberment. As soon as you're done, keep going all the way forward, then jog up the hill to your left. Here you'll find a dagger and a pair of enemies just up ahead of you. Now make your way back to the path you were on earlier, and then take a left into the next patch of mist. Once you've finished up the movement and combat tutorial, grab the handful of Amber Herbs located at the far end of this area.

Keep making your way down the path, and then head into the next patch of mist to your left. There's a tree on your right that you'll have to clatter down so you can get over the gap. Once you're over it, kill the enemy nearby, then jump down to the level below and polish off the enemy that's prowling around down there. As soon as it's dead, climb up the ladder you can see ahead of you, finish the enemy lurking at the top, and then make your way through the next bit of mist.

Head left along a path and kill any enemies you come across. Again, you'll have to knock a tree down to get over the gap here, and get yourself back on the opening section's main path. Keep heading left now until you reach the very end of the path, at which point you'll find yourself in the hub of Majula.

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