Dark Souls 2 - Executioner's Chariot, combat guide

How to dodge the roaring charge of the Executioner's Chariot, and bring its journey to a crashing halt. Plus, horse-fighting tactics!

This set-piece boss fight offers something just a little bit different to those you've encountered up until this point. Part avoidance challenge, part race to the finishing line, you'll need to keep your wits about you every step of the way. Here's our guide to finishing off this very entertaining boss encounter.

How to kill the Executioner's Chariot

The Executioner's Chariot presents a rather different sort of boss fight, as you don't actually fight it until a certain amount of time has passed. Instead, you'll find yourself facing a long, curving corridor which the chariot races around. It'll pass by you approximately once every 10 to 15 seconds, and the only way to avoid its damage is to dart into one of the little alcoves spread around each wall.

When the battle begins, ignore the Skeleton enemies populating the tunnel, and simply run straight ahead. Be sure you know where your nearest alcove is at all times, so you can dash into it if the chariot gets near. When you see fire coming, you'll know the boss is very close by, so get ready to dodge out of the way. Keep following this process as you head all the way along the corridor, killing any Skeletons that you can't avoid fighting, while always remaining alert for the chariot's next approach.

"When fighting [the horse], make sure you stay either side of it, otherwise you'll be exposed to the creature's core attacks."

When you get near to the end of this corridor (just ahead of a massive hole in the floor), you'll see a door up ahead that's blocked by a patch of mist. As soon as you get to the door, look for the lever that should be on your left, and pull it immediately. That'll lower the gate ahead, and when the chariot flies into it, the crash will finish off the Executioner. You've now bought yourself some time to kill the horse that was pulling the chariot along.

When fighting this beast, make sure you stay either side of it, otherwise you'll be exposed to the creature's core attacks. When the horse is up on its hind legs, immediately dodge left or right to get away from the powerful stomping attack it's preparing to unleash. There's a head-butt you'll need to avoid as well, and it's telegraphed by the horse pausing temporarily. You really must dodge out of the way of both of these attacks if at all possible, as your shield won't prevent all the damage from getting through.

Watch out for the mist that the horse sprays out of its mouth from time to time as well. Generally speaking, this is your best window of opportunity to attack the horse from the sides, as it'll move slowly left or right to get the spray pointing in your direction. Be merciless here, and throw as much damage as you can at the beast while it's occupied.

As soon as you've finished the Executioner's Chariot fight, kill any Skeletons that are still located in the corridor, and grab any Fading Souls you can while you're at it. Go to the very end of the hallway to loot a Soul of a Brave Warrior, then make your through the door that was blocked by mist earlier on.

Now make your way down the corridor, go up the stairs you come to, and then light the bonfire to your left. Talk to the man up ahead of you, and one you've done so you'll have finished up all of the content that's currently available in the Undead Purgatory.

If you're struggling to kill the Belfry Gargoyle, take a look through our essential guide to the fight. Alternatively, head back to the first page of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough for more guides.

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