Final Fantasy: Agito "will definitely be localised"

Square Enix wants to bring Type-0 to the West via PSN.

Final Fantasy: Agito "will definitely be localised", Square Enix's Hajime Tabata told our North American friends USGamer at the Tokyo Game Show today.

Does this mean the recently released mobile game will see release in the West? Square Enix cautioned against taking localisation as confirmation Agito will appear on these shores - after all, as USgamer points out, PlayStation Portable title Final Fantasy: Type-0 was localised but never materialised here.

Tabata said 2011 title Type-0 was localised into English and other European languages but never released in the West for "logistical reasons". That's a pretty vague response I'm going to take as meaning Square Enix didn't think it would sell well enough on the flagging PSP.

Elsewhere, Tabata described Agito and Type-0 as "companion titles". And so, he hopes to bring Type-0 to the West via the PlayStation Network. A complete localisation hasn't been approved yet, though, but it's "definitely in the final stages of planning".

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