Let's Play Saints Row 4

Superpowers, dubstep and general mayhem.

Saints Row 4's a thing, then. A very noisy, energetic and mad thing, and an extension of a series that's never really been known for subtlety. If anything Saints Row 4's like an unhinged version of its predecessor - not surprising, perhaps, given that it started life as a slice of absurd DLC - but anyone who's played Saints Row 3 will know that's no small achievement.

So there are superpowers, dubstep guns and alien invasions. It's a ridiculous playpen that's been smart to differentiate itself from the more strait-laced Grand Theft Auto series, especially as Rockstar gears up for the imminent release of the fifth instalment. Anyway, enough of my waffle - you probably want to see Saints Row 4 in action, and Ian Higton's more than happy to oblige, serving up over 20 minutes of open world insanity in a Let's Play below. Enjoy!

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