EA's MOBA contender Dawngate gloves up

Probably the game that Dead Space dev Visceral was working on.

It used to be MMOs now it's MOBAs, and EA has finally has one: Dawngate.

It's the first game made by Waystone Games, which could be a broken-off part of Dead Space developer Visceral, because Visceral was known to be working on a MOBA back in October.

Dawngate itself looks unremarkable - it's even described on its website as "built from the ground up to look and feel familiar". But there is also talk of being able to "forge the champions you love for the roles you want", which sounds like character customisation to me.

An ever-evolving story was mentioned as well, which seems like an odd thing for a MOBA to have.

Beta sign-ups are open but there's no word on when it will begin. The game's release date is unknown.


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