Bert the Troll: I appear to be a character in Guardians of Middle-earth


Well fancy that, I've become an extra playable character in console MOBA Guardians of Middle-earth. And since it's not-so-serious Christmas week I thought I'd tell you about it.

Bert the Troll I'm called, and I carry a big barrel on my back and I like to eat hobbits and dwarves. People describe me as a tactician but really I just stomp around like a chavvy elephant.

I'm also actually in a little book called The Hobbit that's been turned into a film, so now I'm even more famous - more so than this Bilbo Bobbins or whatever his name is who's playable in Guardians of Middle-earth now as well.

You'll need to buy me as DLC to play as me, or I'm free to people with the Season Pass. There's a free Shire map up for grabs, too, and it smells of tasty hobbits.

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