Yes, Mario Balotelli's Hulk celebration is in FIFA 13

He's a Mega Man!


Cheer up son.

Mario Balotelli's Hulk celebration is in FIFA 13. Yes it is.

In the video, below, Vancouver Whitecaps defenders Jay DeMerit and Alain Rochat run around EA Sports' motion capture studio pretending to do all sorts of fancy football stuff, including England striker Danny Welbeck's eye-catching backheel against Sweden in the Euro 2012 group game.

But you'll also notice that Balotelli's Hulk celebration, which we've also seen compared to Mega Man and Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer, makes the cut. The moody Italian's famous pose was one of the most iconic moments of Euro 2012. But it doesn't look like he takes his shirt off in the game. Shame! We'd have loved to have seen make believe Balotelli's make believe muscles!

Also, Jay DeMerit says he feels like he's in Tron when he wears the black suit with those funny balls everywhere.

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