Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition release date, price announced

Windows version pre-purchase goes live.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition launches on 18th September 2012, Beamdog has announced.

It costs $19.99. If you pre-purchase you save $2.

Enhanced Edition, built on an upgraded version of the Infinity Engine, includes the entire Baldur's Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, and new content, including a new adventure and three new party members.

There's a new collection of player character voice sets, native support for high resolution widescreen displays and improved multiplayer support, with connectivity between all platforms.

The Windows version is available as a direct download from Beamdog, with no client install necessary.

The iPad version launches in September for $9.99 and will be available from the Apple App Store. The $19.99 Mac version will launch on the Mac App Store in September. The Android version is without a release window, but will cost $9.99 and be available from Google Play.

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