Zenimax threatens Dragon Shout app creator with legal action

A lot of fus about nothing?

The Elder Scrolls publisher Zenimax has taken legal action against the developer behind Dragon Shout, a free map app for the former's blockbuster RPG Skyrim.

As reported by Touch Arcade, Blalock has been served with a copyright infringement notice.

However, he hasn't yet received a cease and desist notice, and Apple hasn't taken his app down as "ZeniMax didn't specify what the app is specifically violating."

Blalock has repeatedly attempted to contact Zenimax to find out exactly what it is objecting to, but hasn't heard back.

"I did my best to ensure the app was not violating anything," he explained.

"I looked up US trademarks and copyrights for 'Dragon Shout' and at the time there wasn't any. I had the map hand drawn. I intentionally didn't use any graphics or wording that would possibly be owned by [Zenimax subsidiary] Bethesda. So, I'm still not sure what they say the app violates."

This isn't the first time Zenimax's lawyers have leaped into action to protect its brand. Earlier this year, it unsuccessfully attempted to force Minecraft developer Mojang to change the name of its forthcoming Scrolls game, arguing that it infringed its Elder Scrolls trademark.

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