Rage PC patch adds graphics features

id explains lack of hardware configuration.

id Software has released a patch for the PC version of Rage.

It adds a number of hardware configuration options, including VSync (allows you to remove screen tearing), Anisotropic Filter (enhances the image quality of textures on surfaces), and the option to adjust the use of a texture cache (to keep more texture data in video memory).

Rage on PC has endured a difficult launch, with fans reporting a raft of performance issues id has blamed on drivers.

Fans also complained at the lack of hardware configuration options, which would allow them to tweak the visual settings of the FPS.

On Steam, where the patch is available to download, an explanation of sorts was offered.

"Rage defaults to lower video settings to allow the game to work on a wide variety of hardware and software configurations," id said. "Unfortunately, it is not possible to anticipate all possible graphics driver issues in combination with unique end user hardware and software configurations.

"For this reason Rage does not automatically increase video/graphics settings as this could result in negative side effects on specific hardware and software configurations. The original release of Rage does not expose many video/graphics options for people to tweak because some of these settings, although desirable from a quality perspective, simply will not work on specific configurations either due to hardware limitations and/or driver bugs."

This latest update, however, undoes this limitation.

"Due to popular demand for more video and graphics options, this patch updates the video settings menu and exposes several quality and performance settings," continues the note. "However, not everyone may be able to increase the settings due to hardware limitations and/or driver bugs."

The patch also fixes a number of graphical issues associated with driver conflicts.

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