Super Meat Boy delayed for WiiWare

It's too big for Nintendo's system.

The planned November WiiWare release of acclaimed indie platformer Super Meat Boy has been pushed back, developer Team Meat has confirmed.

A post on its Twitter feed read, "Attention internets, the wii version is NOT coming out in Nov its impossible. we havent even gotten the size down under 50mb yet (goal=39mb)."

Team Meat's Edmund McMillen later told ShackNews, "The size limit is a huge issue. We are looking into our options and talking things over with Nintendo to see what we can do.

"We are trying to deal with these issues with the mind set of making the best version of the game as possible above all else."

Nintendo allows WiiWare developers a maximum file size of around 40MB per game. The Xbox Live Arcade version of Super Meat Boy clocks in at around 90MB, so there's a great deal of slicing and dicing to be done before Wii gamers can get stuck in.

On a happier note, Team Meat confirmed that the PC version is still on track, with a release scheduled for the last week in November.

The brutally brilliant Super Meat Boy slithered onto Xbox Live Arcade last month and bludgeoned a 9/10 from Eurogamer's shellshocked Tom Bramwell.

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