First StarCraft II patch goes live

Balance changes! 3D! Game clock!

Blizzard has released the first patch for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, predominantly focusing on some changes to the game balance, but also including a few new interface features, nVidia 3D Vision support, and improvements to the game's editor.

The balance changes rein in units in each race which Blizzard felt to be overpowered: the Protoss Zealot, Terran Battlecruiser and Siege Tank and Zerg Ultralisk are all targeted for nerfs. Blizzard explained the changes some time ago in its pre-patch Situation Report.

As well as support for nVidia's 3D standard, Blizzard has added a quick save option, a game clock and a system panel (which shows local time, FPS, battery and wi-fi signal strength) to the game's UI.

Finally, there's the usual raft of bug fixes, and a significant number of improvements to the game's editor. Read about it all in detail in the patch notes for patch 1.1.

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