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You can battle Anubis, Egyptian god of death, in Assassin's Creed Origins from today

Jackal and hide.

Assassin's Creed Origins' first Trials of the Gods challenge, pitting you against a gargantuan version of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, starts today.

"This ancient deity has sprung from a glitch in the Animus," says Ubisoft of Anubis, "and is eager to guide Bayek's soul to the afterlife, unless you defeat him."

To challenge Anubis, just look for the battle marker on your map and head toward the beam of light once you're in the area.

This first Trials of the Gods challenge will run from today, November 7th, to November 14th, with more battles against fearsome deities to come. You'll earn an exclusive god-themed weapon if you manage to beat Anubis (but just one per player!), and you can attempt the challenge as often as you want - or need - until the event ends.

Ubisoft says that there will be future opportunities to take on the gods that you miss or are unable to beat, and players that manage to defeat all the deities in The Trials of the Gods will earn an exclusive legendary outfit once the entire event is over.

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