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Yearly supporters, we've got The Banished Vault game keys for you


A black and white pencil sketch of hooded characters crowded around a plinth with a body on, pockmarked with many wires coming from it. It's a high-tech sacrifice of some kind, or an altar.
Image credit: Bithell Games

If you're a yearly subscriber to the Eurogamer website, I've got a treat for you. You can now claim a free key for The Banished Vault on PC (on Steam). Hooray!

The Banished Vault was one of our favourite games of last year. Chris Tapsell gave it five stars in his Banished Vault review. "Give The Banished Vault your real, undivided attention," he wrote, "and what it gives back is an almost unparalleled sense of reward." I've also just interviewed The Banished Vault creator Nic Tringali about the game.

The Banished Vault is a science-fiction puzzle strategy. You are a space monk, of a kind, and you need to fly through space outrunning an impenetrable, devastating blackness called the Gloom. You'll need to fly to different star systems, find the ancient knowledge your order has lost there, and then craft the resources you need to get away again. Doing this is no easy task. The Banished Vault is a game about calculating moves many turns in advance. It's a game about weighing up fuel economy and resources, and micro-managing every aspect of it. Precision is key.

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