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Yakuza 0 debut trailer reveals 1988 Kamurocho, new haircuts

See how Yakuza looks on PS4, with ponytails.

Yakuza 0, the PS4 and PS3 prequel to the first Yakuza game, debuted its in-game footage at Tokyo Games Show earlier today.

As reported by Gematsu, the plot will center around a then 20 year-old Kiryu competing in a real-estate market against billionaires, while fan-favourite character Goro Majima runs a hostess club. As with previous entries in the series, you'll have to manage a hostess club by recruiting women off the streets and altering their appearance.

Players will assume the role of both characters as they build up their business and expand their turf. Money will play an increased role in this 1988-based prequel and cash will fly out of enemies' pockets as you wail on them. You can then spend this money on buying new fighting techniques and upgrading your stats.

Yakuza 5 arrived on Japanese PS3s in December 2012 but never made its way to western shores. This makes it unlikely Yakuza 0 will be any different, but who knows.

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Yakuza Zero

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