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We've made it easier for you to keep up with your favourite games

Spend less time searching for the things you love, and more time reading about them.

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Hello there! I wanted to flag a new feature on Eurogamer which makes it easier for you to keep up with your favourite games. You can find it underneath the byline on certain articles, and let you "follow" specific games, topics or companies.

If there's a current game you're interested and want to know everything about (hello, Zelda), or a far-off game you're waiting for a crumb of news on (Beyond Good & Evil 2, where are you?!), this feature should hopefully prove useful. And yes, you can follow things other than video games, for example articles on specific topics (like AI, such as Chris Tapsell's recent brilliant long-read), or anything related to a specific developer, or console platform.

Every game that Eurogamer has ever covered is in our database, we think. You can even flag games from yesteryear, in case any of those get covered in the future (I'm still hoping for that Skies of Arcadia remake announcement).

If you like, we can email you the next time we publish an article about any games or topics you follow - you can manage that from your own user preferences.

Over time we hope this means you can curate your Eurogamer experience here a bit more, spending less time searching for the things you love, and more time simply reading about them.

Finally, this feature is being rolled out across the Reedpop family of websites - meaning you can also decide to get updates on games and other topics from the likes of Dicebreaker, Rock Paper Shotgun, Popverse, and VG247. There's a couple of upcoming board game projects I have my eye on, so I may hit up Dicebreaker for a deeper dive on some of those...

Hopefully you find the feature helpful and give it a quick go. Next up is a place for this on the site where you get a feed of these articles on games and topics curated by you. Hey, that's one way to never read another Destiny story on Eurogamer again.

Thanks as ever for reading, and let us know how you get on in the comments. Cheers!

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