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Watch 15 minutes of Total War: Warhammer gameplay

"They're right up in my Thunderers!"

If you have read or watched yesterday's preview of Total War: Warhammer, you may have heard me moaning about the lack of video footage we were sent following our first hands-on with the game. Taking this criticism on board (or, more likely, as a result of a rigid marketing plan), developer Creative Assembly has today released a full playthrough of the demo, which you can watch below.

Featuring a player-controlled Dwarf force withstanding a huge Greenskin ambush, the video is one hell of a watch. I've been playing Total War for more than a decade now, and the sheer scale of these encounters has yet to feel old. Even so, and with this game in particular, there's just so many new things to play around with: goblins riding spiders, underground battles, flying units, and big, over-the-top hero units that can really get stuck into combat. This is going to be a very different kind of Total War game, but having played through this exact same demo I'm excited by the promise of what all this means.

Aside from showing off some impressive attention to detail (watch how the giant's belly wobbles!), this video also demonstrates the difficulty that comes with talking about a game, whilst also trying to play it at a competent level. Creative Assembly's Al Bickham does his best and it's a tough fight, but don't get me started on where he left his gyrocopters at the end there - unforgivable.

As they point out at the end of the video, this battle will also be playable at EGX next week. Don't forget about your flanks.

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