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Uncharted 3 three-hour speed run clocked

That's on Easy, with ninja skills.

A Naughty Dog tester has managed to race through Uncharted 3 from beginning to end in just three hours and eight minutes, according to director Justin Richmond.

Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine, Richmond explained that the unnamed staffer was playing on the game's easiest setting when he clocked the time and knew all the game's puzzles back-to-front.

You'll have to wait until the game's 2nd November launch to try and beat that.

That's not the fastest QA time clocked for one of November's big releases. Earlier this month Bethesda revealed that one of its testers had conquered The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in just two hours 16 minutes.

Eurogamer's Uncharted 3 review has all the salient details on Naughty Dog's latest effort, and plenty more fun besides.

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