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UK Charts: EA wages war on top ten

Strong showing for THQ too.

Electronic Arts dominates the top of the UK charts this week, with Medal of Honor: European Assault up one place to number one, while Battlefield 2 is a strong new entry for the company at number two.

Medal of Honor knocks Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out of the top spot to achieve its number one ranking, while PC exclusive title Battlefield 2 is particularly notable for entering the all-time fastest-selling PC game ranking at number eight.

In fact, if Sports Interactive's Championship Manager games are discounted, it's actually the third fastest-selling game outside the football management genre on the PC platform, behind The Sims 2 and Half-Life 2, both of which launched late last year.

Further down the top ten, another EA title continues to sell well, with Batman Begins up 36 per cent in sales terms, although it drops two chart places to come in at this week's number eight.

It's also a good week for THQ, with UK-developed racing title Juiced holding firm at number three, while Pandemic Studios' Destroy All Humans! is a new entry at number four.

Two more new entries make it into the top ten this week, namely Namco's Tekken 5, which debuts at number six - exactly the same position that Tekken 4 debuted in, although overall sales are higher - and Microsoft's Conker: Live & Reloaded, in at number ten this week.

It was a busy week for new releases in the UK last week, and four more new entries can be found scattered throughout the top 40. Koei's Dynasty Warriors 5 manages a number 15 ranking, while THQ's MX vs ATV Unleashed is at number 22, Atari's Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 add-on pack Soaked is at number 25 and Nintendo's own Another Code: Two Memories for the DS is at number 28, but tops the DS chart.

This week, however, is a little quieter. Activision's movie tie-in title Madagascar arrives on Thursday, while Friday sees Sony's Formula One 05 out on PS2, Ubisoft distributing Ghostlight's Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call (also on PS2), and EA bringing GoldenEye: Rogue Agent to the DS and Cricket 2005 to PS2, Xbox and PC.

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