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Dawn of War III, UFC 3, Guillermo del Toro and more.

Eurogamer Do you feel Space Marine will compare to Uncharted 2 in terms of its story and cinematic quality? That game's considered the best of class in that area.
Danny Bilson

Yeah. It's best in class in its story delivery. I would question the originality of the story elements in Uncharted. I feel like I've seen that movie 50 times in the eighties.

It's fantastic in its delivery. I love the game. I finished the game. I thought it was glorious. Obviously we're into another level of glory with the Space Marine that also involves gory.

It also plays into the beauty and the brutality of the 40K universe, which is so exciting. There's nothing about that violence that feels exploitative at all. It's just glorious.

Eurogamer I've been excited about the Warhammer 40K MMO for a long time. When will it be out?
Danny Bilson

A couple more years. It really is about two years out.

Look, there is an 800 pound gorilla out there called World of Warcraft, which is a fantastic MMO that's going to get updated with Cataclysm soon and drive a lot of people including myself back into it.

I'm a big MMO fan and player. I've played EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes, I've got a few level 80 characters in WOW. Now, imagine that the people making Dark Millennium Online are all a bunch of guys like me, who love WOW and the expansions it's had along the way.

We all say to ourselves, 'We're not going to get all the WOW players to move to 40K.' 40K has its own unique coolness and edge. And that edge and glorious gore is not going to appeal to everybody. It appeals to you and I.

But what I know about our 40K game is that if you've played WOW you'll be able to pick up and play this instantly, and you'll find all these things that feel like upgrades, in a way.

How soon you get vehicles, how many vehicles there are in the universe. If you know 40K, you know the things in the universe. You know the races. You know things like ranged combat is going to be important for the bolters. You know the chainsword matters, and having both.

You know being an ork is a completely different experience than being a Space Marine, and being a Space Marine alone is a very different experience than being a scout or an Imperial Guard or any of the other Imperium of Man that you're going to see in this trailer.

What does being an Inquisitor mean? That's down the road somewhere. I always say too much in these things, but I get excited.

It has a lot of the same qualities of WOW in terms of ease of use and how the interface is. I want to say that if you play WOW, you'll be able to jump into Dark Millennium Online really easy.

But you won't be able to be a Space Marine right away, because that's a very unique class, if you know the universe. The road there is a great road, and they are in the game.

You've seen already what chapter of Space Marine is represented in that game. It's very cool. What's your chapter of choice?

Eurogamer The Space Wolves.
Danny Bilson

The Wolves are fantastic. I'm a Dark Angel fan myself. Neither of us are the core race in there. But I'm insisting we encounter and have experiences with some of the other core six chapters along the way.

Some of that will come later. Some of it'll be at launch. I can't wait to come across that Dark Angel fort and those guys and their mission and what they're all about, because that's my favourite chapter.

But the Wolves are phenomenal, and I'm sure they're represented somewhere down the road as well. You know how deep this universe is, that we have so much cool stuff to mine.

We don't make fun of it at all. There's a lot of charm in the WOW, 'Have a good one.' All that kind of stuff. But in Dark Millennium is just that. It's a Dark Millennium. It's not goofy.

The orks are pretty wacky, but that's part of their barbarous nature, right?