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The Black Ops 2 launch, GTA5 taken apart and more.

Like one of those brilliant scuffles between two men in rubber monster suits stomping around in a miniature city, this week saw not only the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but also the unveiling of Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer. Over at Outside Xbox we clambered all over Black Ops 2 Live like an amorous spider, grabbing a chat with Michael Rooker, who stars in the game, and experiencing the contrast between mumbled missives and boundless enthusiasm from Jack Whitehall and Chris 'Kammy' Kamara respectively. More usefully, we chatted to Treyarch's eSports advisor Hastr0 about how to read a Call of Duty match using the game's new revamped spectator and theatre mode, which forms the basis of 'CoDcasting'.

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Of course, when that Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer materialised we promptly dropped our doughnuts and began an exhaustive, CSI-style analysis of every single frame. As has been pointed out numerous times in the comments, that 'Jaguar' actually more closely resembles a Maserati, but we reckon we're pretty much bang on with everything else. Feel free to offer your own interpretation in the comments over on the site, though.

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And Black Ops 2 Live was also an opportunity to get this show (Of The Week) on the road. It's a tale of time-hopping that would do Black Ops proud and features an enlightening chat with the game's executive producer, plus the usual 'feedback' and 'nonsense' sections.

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If you're interested in games that aren't Black Ops 2 or Grand Theft Auto, we also offer up details on the new female Turian in Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC, a roundup of Sleeping Dogs' new Square Enix-themed costumes and a soothing, nostalgic playthrough of ToeJam and Earl XBLA. See you next week!

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