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There's an EGX pub quiz in London next week, and you can come

Tickets now on sale to all!

A flyer celebrating 15 years of EGX. It's mostly white text on a green background. But the numbers are depicted by balloons, which is nice. It looks like a childrens' birthday party invitation. Would you like some cake?
Image credit: Eurogamer / EGX

There's an EGX pub quiz in London next week and you can come! It's taking place at the snazzy Platform gaming bar in Shoreditch on Thursday, 8th June from 7pm. There will be a prize for the quiz winner plus loads of opportunities to play other games and drink game-themed drinks and eat pizza. Tickets will be £5 and the money will go to charity - to the wonderful GamesAid.

Tickets are now on sale for everyone. Eurogamer supporters get a little extra in the shape of a free drink included in the ticket price, which, given London beer prices, isn't bad at all. You'll need to enter a special code to enable this, which as visible in the supporter-gated version of this article yesterday, but you'll have to now ask for below. I'll keep an eye on the comments and respond to you there.


The pub quiz is being organised as part of the '15 years of EGX' anniversary celebrations. Incidentally, tickets for this year's EGX London event go on sale on the same day as the quiz - 8th June. If you didn't know, EGX is run by our parent company ReedPop and, once upon a time, it was even called the Eurogamer Expo. That was before everyone realised "EGX" sounded cooler and the event grew into its own thing but still, we've retained close ties and if you go to the event, you'll often see many of us there, on stage or milling around.

You might have even seen me running a very similar pub quiz at EGX 2022! I very nearly agreed to running this one but sadly a scheduling conflict with the Summer Game Fest showcase next week prevents it - alas!

That's it for now! Any questions, pop them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them. And no, I can't tell you the answers to the quiz questions. (Hint: it's Dragon Age.)

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