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The Neverhood spiritual successor Armikrog ends Kickstarter a success

Wii U release confirmed.

Armikrog - Doug TenNapel's spiritual successor to cult-favourite 1996 claymation adventure The Neverhood - has ended its Kickstarter campaign a success after raising $974,578 of its $900K goal.

Last week developer Pencil Test Studios stated that Nintendo had expressed interest in getting Armikrog on Wii U, but now it's official. The developer added a $950K stretch goal to place the game on Nintendo's platform along with the already announced PC, Mac and Linux.

The Wii U version will have some nifty bonus features like allowing you to view your inventory on the Gamepad. Amusingly, your gear will rumble in correlation to protagonist Tommynaut's movements. You'll also be able to point the Gamepad at the screen to see dead people, as your pet Beak-Beak doubles as a visor that can view the afterlife.

Armikrog had a big push towards the end of its crowdfunding campaign as it only had about $600K with five days to go. This was likely at least partially due to creator Doug TenNapel's controversial adamant opposition of gay-marriage.

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