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The Eurogameological E3 Podcast - Day 1!

Welsh and Teti ride again. Matt Martin sits in. is proud to join hands across the ocean (not literally - we're in the same room right now) with The Gameological Society to present our first ever joint podcast!

Our host is sometime Eurogamer contributor and now Gameological editor, John Teti, and he's joined today (as he will be for the next two days) by Eurogamer's reviews editor Oli Welsh. If this all sounds familiar, it's because Oli and John recorded Eurogamer's E3 podcast together last year.

They'll be joined by a different guest each time, and today it's the turn of Matt Martin, editor of Gamesindustry International. Their topic is - what else - Sony and Microsoft's E3 press conferences, perhaps the most torpid start to an E3 in living memory.

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The trio talk about Microsoft's baffling and unnecessary Smart Glass concept, dogged insistence on hawking Kinect, and strange reluctance to actually show any of its games. Plus, we attempt to divine what life must be like inside the mind of the world's most dedicated Sam Fisher fan.

Sony fares a bit better, with John and Oli admitting their man-crushes for Jack Tretton and David Cage and getting excited about Beyond - although Matt puts forward the controversial opinion that Wonderbook is not as good as an actual book.

Oli bravely attempts to stick up for Nintendo again in a discussion of Sunday's Wii U video presentation, and finally we give Ubisoft credit for actually surprising everyone with a new game today, Watch Dogs - getting suckered into discussion of it as a next-gen title before a press release confirmed it for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Also, do check out The Gameological Society - it's an online magazine about games, part of the Onion family, and a great read. And do join us for more E3 chat from a dining table in downtown LA tomorrow.

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