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Samsung pulls YouTube video of GTA5's exploding Note 7 phone mod

The footage had really blown up.

They say all publicity is good publicity, but it seems like Samsung doesn't want this.

Remember the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod which let you throw exploding Samsung Note 7 phones instead of grenades? Well, Samsung is trying to scrub footage of it from YouTube.

The tech giant - whose Note 7 phones have now been removed from sale because they really do explode - has issued a copyright claim against a popular video of the mod (thanks, Kotaku).

It's a surprisingly petty move, but presumably based on the legal assumption it holds legal rights over the phone's fan-made 3D model.

The creator of the above video has already contested the copyright claim.

Hundreds of other videos which show the mod are still online - it seems unlikely Samsung will go after them all.

In the meantime, it is our pleasure to embed another example:

Samsung has now pulled all Note 7 handsets from sale after repeated instances where they caught fire or exploded - sometimes in a user's pocket, and once on an aeroplane, which grounded the flight.

The company is offering Note 7 owners a full refund and has advised all of its customers to switch off and return the phone immediately.

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