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Resi is Capcom's most successful IP

Fifth game takes series past 40m sales.

Capcom's 2009 financial report shows that Resident Evil is by far the most successful franchise the company owns.

Resident Evil games have amassed 40 million lifetime sales, helped by the latest fifth instalment surging past 4 million.

Mega Man is the second biggest-selling franchise for Capcom with 28 million sales, while Street Fighter is close behind with 27 million sales. Street Fighter IV, incidentally, has sold 2 million copies.

After these, the numbers start to drop off, as Devil May Cry amasses 10 million sales and Monster Hunter breaks 8.5 million sales.

The launch of power-houses Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 helped Capcom sales increase 10 per cent year-on-year. The publisher is confident that numbers will continue to rise this year, thanks to games such as Dead Rising 2, Dark Void, Bionic Commando, Monster Hunter and Lost Planet 2. It's a busy slate.

  1. Resident Evil - 40m
  2. Mega Man - 28m
  3. Street Fighter - 27m
  4. Devil May Cry - 10m
  5. Monster Hunter - 8.5m
  6. Onimusha - 7.8m
  7. Dino Crisis - 4.4m
  8. Ghosts 'N Goblins - 4.4m
  9. Final Fight - 3.2m
  10. Ace Attorney - 3.2m
  11. Breath of Fire - 3m
  12. Lost Planet - 2.7m
  13. Commando - 1.2m
  14. 1942 - 1.2m
  15. Sengoku BASARA - 1.2m

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