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More of your thoughts on games both great and small. (And crap.) Highlights include Metroid: Zero Mission, Sonic Advance 2, StarCraft, Crimson Skies and, um, Dragontorc.

Unprecedented! Anyway, following Monday's splurge, here's another selection of recently submitted reviews from you lot. It was difficult to think of a decent prize for a while, then I stumbled upon Kristan's box of old review code, so I reckon we can just feed off that for some time. Free games! Hurrah. And for this week's retro-obsessed winner, a copy of Midway's Defender remake for the PS2 seems ideal. Check back next week for more reader reviews. (I know, I know - what are the chances?)

Disclaimers and Submissions: Reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of Eurogamer or its writers. Whilst reviews are lightly edited for spelling, swearing (stop it!), readability and those irritating frilly bits that Word whacks on without asking, unfortunately we do not have the time to sit around picking through your copy all day long (much as we'd like to), so please ensure that all reviews are submitted as you would like to see them appear on the site. We also ask that you try and stick to a reasonable length or we may have to cut out the odd chunk or even hold your review over for a future instalment - although we will attempt to post everything we're sent in as timely a manner as possible. If that doesn't put you off, then you can submit your reviews (in plain text please!) to the usual address.

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