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Project Milo back on

"Ball is in Peter's court," says Greenberg.

Microsoft's on again off again relationship with Peter Molyneux's Kinect project Milo & Kate appears to be on again.

Last week at the TEDGlobal Conference in Oxford Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux said Microsoft had no plans to release Milo & Kate, according to a BBC report.

A fortnight previous, Microsoft mouthpiece Aaron Greenberg said "right now it's not a game" before changing his mind, after which Lionhead boss Molyneux waded in and said Greenberg's original comment was based on out-of-date information.

But according to Greenberg, who we spoke to last night, there's still a chance that Project Milo will be released.

"You can see that it's definitely not just a tech demo," Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg told Eurogamer in an interview published elsewhere on the site.

"They're building something that's pretty unique and compelling. We leave it up to Peter and his team to determine what that game is and when it would come to market. All we've said is that at this point in time it's not coming this holiday. But as you can see it's definitely quite a bit more than just a tech demo.

"What that turns out to be and how it gets brought to market all remains to be seen. We're fortunate to have one of the brilliant creators of our industry pushing the boundaries of creativity with this project. It's been exciting for people that have seen a preview of it. He's [Peter Molyneux] best to speak to about what this product will eventually become."

So it's Molyneux's decision whether it gets released?

"There are a whole variety of factors. But for now it's in Peter's hands. Peter serves as our creative director for all of our studios in Europe. What that turns out to be and all those details remain to be seen. It's not something we're bringing to market this holiday, so we're going to be a bit more vague about it than if it was launching in a couple of months."

If, like us, you're having a bit of trouble keeping up, read Ellie Gibson's account of an evening interacting with Milo.

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