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New video shows Project Milo in action

What might have been.

Ambitious Kinect game Project Milo was, according to Microsoft, never intended as a product that would release, but a new video has emerged that reveals just what gamers have missed out on.

"Emotion Capture" - Directing Milo, from drama director John Dower, goes in depth on Lionhead Studios' eye-catching project, and features never before seen footage.

In the film we see a young male actor performing motion capture while Dower, who worked on the project for three years, directs his actions.

The process of turning the data gathered into a videogame is explained, and we see Milo scared by a deer, getting angry at the player and gasping in wonder at a forest.

Milo was to be a young boy who would react in a realistic fashion to the player actions, detected using the Kinect sensor.

We last heard of Project Milo in November 2010, when Alex Kipman, Microsoft's director of incubation and creator of Kinect, said it "was never a product" and "was never announced as a game".

In September Eurogamer brought you the news that the controversial Kinect relationship simulator, revealed at E3 2009, had been cancelled.

We were told the Milo team were to use the Milo tech for a Fable-themed Kinect game.

The news followed months of public to-ing and fro-ing between Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux and Microsoft over Project Milo's status as a game that would eventually be released.

"Of course!" Molyneux said in August when asked whether we'll be able to buy it in the shops at some point in the future. "I wouldn't be working on it if I didn't hope that to be true, yes."

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