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Victory Road Pokémon, trainers and items in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Our complete guide to Pokémon BDSP's trainers, items, and wild Pokémon.

Victory Road is the last step before the climax of the main story in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Route 223 in your adventure.

Below we'll take you through all the key details for the location, including any Pokémon encounters, trainers, and items that might be available, plus a walkthrough of your key objectives and anything else you'll need to know.

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Victory Road 1F Pokémon, trainers and items

Right, brace yourself for a fairly long and fairly complicated journey, but hopefully one that isn't too difficult if you follow this guide!

Victory Road has three floors: 1F, 2F above it, and the basement, B1F, below. You'll go between them a couple of times, so we're going to split this page up into each visit. The order is: 1F, 2F, 1F Part 2, B1F, 1F Part 3. That's (hopefully) not so bad!

We'll go for a completionist run through the dungeon, so we'll get all the items and fight all the trainers possible as we go. Let's dive in!

Enter Victory Road and cross the first bridge, then go down the Rock Climb wall just to the right. Go west, battle the Psychic Bryce and go north to collect a TM41 Torment.

Then go all the way to the east to get an Ultra Ball from one of the two rocks.

Then go back up to the raised level and follow the path to Bird Keeper Hana. Go north past her on a small bridge to get a Full Heal, then double back and go on the longer upper bridge to the north.

Go down the Rock Climb wall to the right, then head west and go up some stairs to the north towards Ace Trainer Mariah.

Go north past her to get a Max Elixir from a rock, then back down and left up two flights of stairs to 2F, the next section.

Available Pokémon



TM41 TormentAt dead end past Psychic Bryce west of entrance
Ultra BallHidden - Lower level east of entrance in right of pair of rocks
Full HealAt dead end across short bridge by Birdkeeper Hana
Max ElixirHidden - in rock at dead end north of Ace Trainer Mariah

Trainers and Opponents

Psychic BryceHaunter
Bird Keeper HanaNoctowl
Ace Trainer MariahGolduck

Victory Road 2F Pokémon, items and trainers

As you reach the second floor, 2F, it's time for the first of a few Strength puzzles.

Strength puzzle 1 solution:

  1. Smash the rock on the west and push the boulder behind it west one space.
  2. Then push the next boulder back eastwards, away from the bike ramp.
  3. Grab the hidden Full Restore from behind the ramp.
  4. Whip out your fast bike, hop over the jump, go north and smash the next rock to clear the way to the next jump.
  5. Then switch to the slower gear (press B) and go over this jump - if you go over in higher gear it'll take you too far and you'll have to circle round again.
  6. Head north and grab that Max Ether, then head back to the 2F entrance and this time go south through the smashable rocks.

Strength puzzle 2 solution:

  1. You'll reach three boulders. Push the top-right one down one space.
  2. Then the top-left one left one space.
  3. Then the bottom-left one down until you can walk through.

Battle Ace Trainer Omar. Below Omar is another Strengh puzzle!

Strength puzzle 3 solution:

  1. Push the left of the two boulders down one space, then loop down and around to the left of it.
  2. Smash the rock south of it, push it north one space.
  3. Then push the right hand boulder north one space, and continue south-east through another smashable rock, to Ace Trainer Sydney.

Fourth Strength puzzle time.

Strength puzzle 4 solution:

  1. Push the bottom-left boulder right one place, and grab the hidden Rare Candy from the wall where it was.
  2. Then push the upper-central boulder right. You can't go any further that way now, so continue north to fight Veteran Clayton and continue that way.
  3. Now you want to reset the boulders so you can continue eastwards - it's ultimately a dead end but contains lots of rare items, so let's go for it.
  4. Reset the boulders by going down the stairs behind the Veteran then straight back up - you can now go south and push that upper central boulder downwards one place, and head east through the now-open path.

You'll come to your fifth Strength puzzle.

Strength puzzle 5 solution:

  1. Push the first, lowermost boulder all the way to the eastern wall, and loop round to the next one.
  2. Push that boulder left one space, then go down one space and smash the breakable rock.
  3. Then push the lower of these two boulders down one space, and head east through the gap and go up northwards.
  4. Now there's a series of bike jumps. Go all the way to the far east and jump across all of them in high-gear to get the Full Restore above the ledge on the left. Circle back and fight the pair of Ace Trainers.
  5. Now you need to jump across two - but not all three! - of the next bike jumps to reach a great TM. Keep trying and you'll get it!

Now go all the way back to Veteran Clayton and down the stairs behind him - for good this time! You'll return to 1F Part 2, covered in the next section.

Available Pokémon



Full RestoreHidden - behind first bike ramp west of entrance
Max EtherAbove a ledge in upper part through Strength/bike jump puzzle when you first enter from 1F
Rare CandyHidden - in lower wall behind lower-left of three Strenght boulders past Ace Trainer Sydney
Full RestoreAt end of several bike jumps in eastern part of cave
TM71 Stone EdgeIn upper area after second set of bike jumps past Double Team, eatern part of cave

Trainers and Opponents

Ace Trainer OmarRapidash
Ace Trainer SydneyClefable
Veteran ClaytonStaraptor
Double Team Kay and AlStaraptor / WhiscashLv.47 / Lv.47

Victory Road 1F Part 2 Pokémon, trainers and items

This visit to 1F is pretty brief, thankfully. Here's what to do - and note that the Pokémon spawns here are the same as your first visit to 1F.

Go east across the bridge, down the Rock Climb wall, and immediately turn west and north - don't drop down that ledge!

Battle Black Belt Miles and continue east to the staircase, which takes you down to the basment, B1F, covered in the next section.

Trainers and Opponents

Black Belt MilesMachampLv.49

Victory Road Basement B1F Pokémon, trainers and items

You're now on the basement level of Victory Road, and there's not too much further to go, so hang in there. Lots of items and a good few trainers here!

Go down to the waterfront and surf north-east (north-west is a dead end at a ledge which you can hop down from later on).

Battle Psychic Valencia and surf around her to the east, go south across the next bit of water and get a Pearl from the rock on the left.

We're going to another dead end to get a rare item here, then circling back, so go south, up the stairs, and battle Double Team Pat and Jo.

Surf across that southernmost bit of water to the west, go up the stairs to a tiny part of 1F, where you can get a Rare Candy and also a Max Revive in the rock just below it.

Once you've got them, go back past those running Ace Trainers and this time head north, via the easternmost side past another Ace Trainer, Henry.

Surf out onto the water and go up the waterfall to the north, following the river west. First go down the second waterfall, grab the rare TM59 Dragon Pulse, and loop round again past Ace Trainer Henry and on the second run, hop off onto dry land before the second waterfall.

Surf west and south from Dragon Tamer Andre, and pick up a hidden Big Mushroom in the boulder on the right by the stairs. Go up the stairs to return to 1F, Part 3, covered in the final section below.

Available Pokémon

GolbatSurfing, Ground


PearlIn rock across southern side of lower-right body of water
Rare CandyTechnically on 1F - go to the south-east corner past Double Team Pat and Jo, then surf west, up the stairs at a dead end.
Max ReviveHidden - also technically on 1F just below the Rare Candy in a rock.
TM59 Dragon PulseAbove ledge, surf up eastern waterfall, then down western waterfall.
Big MushroomHidden - in boulder on right by stairs past Dragon Tamer Andre towards 1F

Trainers and Opponents

Psychic ValenciaChinling
Double Team Pat and JoGyarados / MedichamLv.47 / Lv.47
Ace Trainer HenryHonchkrowLv.49
Dragon Tamer AndreGabiteLv.49

Victory Road 1F Part 3 Pokémon, trainers and items

Nearly there! This is the last section and thankfully it's not too tricky, with just two trainers and three items to collect. Here's how to get through it to the exit, and once again the Pokémon are the same spawns as they were on your first two visits to 1F.

Head west towards a Veteran and continue past him, turning south at the end, and at a south-western dead end you'll find a Razor Claw, useful for evolving certain Pokémon!

Double back and battle Veteran Edgar, and go up the stairs just left of him until you reach another dead end - this leads to Route 224, which you can only access after getting the National Pokédex. For now there's just a handy item to grab, a Zinc. Head back to Veteran Edgar and now go south just to the right of him.

South of Veteran Edgar you can go east or west. East takes you to one last trainer and the exit. West to more items, so let's go west quickly first!

Careful not to drop down the ledge, go up the Rock Climb wall to the west and cross the bridge, and up the steps to a tiny chamber on 2F.

There's a Strength puzzle. The solution is to push the top boulder left once, then the bottom boulder left once, then the middle boulder up once, and you can grab the TM79 Dark Pulse! If you accidentally move the middle boulder just exit and re-enter via the stairs to reset the puzzle.

Now go back the way you came and instead head east and up the Rock Climb wall to the north, for a battle with Dragon Tamer Clinton.

Head north over the bridge, west out the door, and you're through! Nicely done.


Razor ClawAt dead end in far south-west past Veteran Edgar
ZincUp stairs by Veteran Edgar, continue east, it's by a blocked door with man who sizes you up.
Sky PlateHidden - in front of left Poké Ball statue outside exit to Pokémon League.

Trainers and Opponents

Veteran EdgarTentacruel
Dragon Tamer ClintonGible

One last thing before you go up the waterfall: just pick up the hidden Sky Plate, in front of the left Poké Ball statue.

Now go up the waterfall, head inside the beautiful architecture of the Pokémon League building, and heal up at the Pokémon Center! You're so nearly there. Next up: The Elite Four and Champion...

For more guides and links to the rest of our walkthrough pages meanwhile, return to our main Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl walkthrough hub.

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