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Pillars of Eternity: Never Far from the Queen, the Temple of Woedica, the Catacombs, Woedica hood, initiate

Use our Pillars of Eternity walkthrough to safely explore the Catacombs, find the Woedica hood, and gain access to the guarded chamber.

Before leaving Maerwald's room, you can open the locked chests if you brought Durance or Kana with you, or if your own character has a few points in the Mechanics skill.

When you're ready, return to the Steward upstairs to unlock your Stronghold. The Stronghold is your own keep which you develop as you play through Pillars of Eternity. Spending money on upgrades here will provide party bonuses when you rest, as well as earn you money through tax collections. The Stronghold will also offer companions that aren't currently in your party adventures of their own, and so keep them earning experience points.

To continue on the main quest, you need to restore the Eastern Barbican in the Stronghold, which opens up a new path on the map.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

How to complete Never Far from the Queen

Exit the Stronghold and then head south. On the World Map, select Woodend Plains and travel there. Move south-west along the road and meet Sagani the dwarf Ranger at the crossroads. You can have her join the party if you wish.

Now might also be a good time to chat to members of your party using the "Talk to" tab at the end of the skills bar, just above their portrait. Doing so will help you find out more about them and unlock their personal quests.

Where to find the Temple of Woedica

When you're ready, head west to the exit and make your way to Aedelwan Bridge on the World Map. At the end of the bridge the Justiciar will give you directions to the Temple of Woedica. Now head into Copperlane.

You can find out more about the different areas of Defiance Bay from Rowan, who is standing at the front of the protesters near the door. If your party needs to rest, it's cheaper to use the common room in the Goose and Fox Inn to the north-east than waste one of your camping supplies.

In the marketplace just north of The Goose and Fox you can check out the shops. While most of the equipment is prohibitively expensive at this point in the game, you could buy some basic food ingredients and craft some quick menu items for your party, all of which could come in handy later.

Head east in Copperlane to the First Fires exit and travel there using the World Map. You'll find the Temple of Woedica to the south, but the entrance has long since been destroyed.

How to survive the Catacombs and find the Woedica hood

After speaking with the ghost, go back to Copperlane. South of the First Fires entrance to Copperlane you'll find a door to the Catacombs. Head into the Catacombs, then click on the dead man to witness a vision and update the quest. Travel a little further south and then over the bridge to the east.

In a room on the east side you'll fight some Dank Spores and Sporlings that are protecting a dead body. Collect the Woedica hood from the body once the fight has finished, then go back over the bridge and south-east towards the bottom of the Catacombs map.

When you get there, descend the stairs in a circular room in order to reach the Temple of Woedica. Head east for a vision, equip the Woedica hood you got from the dead body earlier, and then speak with the mercenaries guarding the door.

Using the initiate's pass-phrases

Even if you didn't collect the hood, you'll still be able to enter using a resolve check. Once inside, head north-east through two doors and then speak with the initiate in the library. Have him practice the pass-phrases with you. When you're ready, go back through the two doors to the south, and then a further two along. Head north-east and then north until you reach a door where you can hear chanting.

If you don't want to get into a difficult battle, head into the chamber alone while wearing the Woedica hood. Answer the questions according to the initiate's pass-phrases that you heard earlier. Pay attention to the description of your vision, and answer the shrouded woman's questions accordingly.

By doing all this you'll learn how to open the door, which completes the Never Far From the Queen quest.

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