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Pillars of Eternity: Undying Heritage, Pallegina, Paladin, Guls, Revenants, Icantha

Our Pillars of Eternity walkthrough continues with a guide to adding Pallegina to your party and completing the Undying Heritage quest.

On completing Never Far from the Queen, speak with the Shrouded Woman to initiate three new main story quests - Undying Heritage, The Man Who Waits and Through Death's Gate.

Undying Heritage is the most practical quest to tackle first, and so will be the next stage of our walkthrough. Before travelling back to Copperlane though, exit the Temple and go north. You'll hit a dead end with a suspiciously uniform looking wall ahead of you - use your Scouting mode to spot the switch here.

Stay in Ccouting mode so you can keep an eye on the floor traps, and have a party member with a good Mechanics skill-rating deactivate them. Finally, open the sarcophagus you reach to get your hands on an awesome Stag Helm, and some very useful ingredients.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

How to complete Undying Heritage

Make your way back to Copperlane and then speak to a Justiciar to update both the Undying Heritage and The Man Who Waits quests. From here, you can go to First Fires and speak with Wyla in the keep to get permission to enter Heritage Hill.

How to add Pallegina to your party

Before you actually head off to Heritage Hill, first of all make your way to Ondra's Gift on the World Map, and then head to the centre of the map in front of the docks. You'll find Pallegina the Paladin here, and it's strongly recommended that you have her join your party.

When you're ready, speak with the Justiciar over on your left in order to gain access to the district. If you didn't speak with Wyla earlier on, you can still bribe or fight your way through to get the same job done! Next up, make your way to Heritage Hill.

How to fight the Guls in the tower

You'll need to fight your way through Guls that are to the south-west in order to reach the tower. The moment you enter, you'll immediate face a fight with three Guls at the same time. To make life a little easier, just pick them off one at a time, and don't let your party members get flanked if possible, as this will apply a penalty.

When the fight is over, head to the stairs at the back and make your way up to level two. You'll need to fight Guls and Revenants on this level. You'll find that the Revenants offer the greatest challenge of these two enemy types, so focus on killing them first.

Take the stairs to level three and then speak to Aldhelm when you reach the top of the tower. He'll send you off to talk with Icantha and find out about runes. If you like, you can take a short-cut to the bottom of the tower by clicking on the stairs.

Where to find Icantha's house

Icantha's house can be found to the north of the tower. When you speak to her, she'll tell you how to control the machine, Teir Nowneth. Head back to the top of the tower and then either shut down or overload the machine.

Once you leave the tower, your current quest Undying Heritage ends and a new one called The Hermet of Hadret House begins.

- The next part of our guide explains how to complete The Man Who Waits.

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