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Payday 2 is giving away 5 million free copies on Steam

First come, first served. Offer expires 21st June.

Payday 2 developer Overkill is giving away 5 million copies of its cooperative heist game on Steam.

There's no catch. Simply log into Steam, click the "install" button, and it's yours forever.

Even better, the game's upcoming VR support will be free to anyone who owns Payday 2. So snag the game now and you'll be able to try it in VR at no additional cost.

This offer will expire once 5m people have claimed it or 21st June - whichever comes first.

So why is Overkill doing this? The answer is because it will soon be releasing the Payday 2 Ultimate Edition, which will include all 48 pieces of paid DLC that have been added to the game since its 2013 launch. Until then, all of the game's DLC has been taken off the market.

The exact pricing for the impending Payday 2 Ultimate Edition is still to be determined. It will be $45 to those who are buying it from scratch, but discounts will be available to those who have already purchased some premium content. The exact pricing breakdown will be confirmed when the Ultimate Edition launches in the near future.

Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead praised Payday 2 upon its initial launch and the game has only expanded since then.

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Payday 2

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