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Our latest look at Shenmue 3 shows it's on the right track

Ryo speedwagon.

If Yu Suzuki and his team at Ys Net get a decent tailwind, 2018 might just be the year we get to play Shenmue 3, and if our latest look at it is anything to go by it could have been worth the wait.

Three new screenshots emerged as a precursor to Suzuki's appearance at next month's Magic event in Monaco - an event organised in part by the some of the same people instrumental in making Shenmue 3 a reality - and they're the most convincing batch yet, showing character models in keeping with the original game's style and a lavish look for environments enabled by the Unreal 4 engine.

Shenmue 3 was originally scheduled to launch last December, but its release was pushed back and looks likely to hit later this year. It marks a return for creator Yu Suzuki, as well as the return of a series famously left in suspension since Shenmue 2 came out on the Dreamcast in 2001.

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