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Ocarina of Time heads US VC

Arriving after Europe, for once.

In a similar fashion to every other week so far, the American Virtual Console has been updated with three sparkly new games. One of which, amazingly, us Europeans already have. That special beast is Ocarina of Time, released here last Friday for all to frantically feast on over the weekend.

Well, as of yesterday it's now available for those of you who pretend to live in America, alongside two other retro-rippers.

Bio-Hazard Battle, a Mega Drive classic, is the first of these, and charges you with once again saving the world from an evil menace. You see, Avaron has been invaded by those ruddy biogenetic mutants such as mega amoebas and nuclear crabs, and you'll have to make full use of four different fighter craft with unique weapons and handling if you're going to save the planet from certain bio-doom.

However, if you're after something a little different, then Chew Man Fu may be for you. It's a puzzle game that was originally a TurboGrafx-16 title, and the objective is simply to push or pull four coloured orbs onto their matching tiles, though obstacles will interfere to make each level progressively more difficult. It will also feature the two-player Kick Ball minigame, as well as an Edit Mode for creating your own levels.

Don't forget that Ocarina of Time (N64) will cost you 1,000 Points, Mega Drive games 800 Points, and TurboGrafx-16 titles 600 Points. Get spending, we reckon.

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